How to Prevent Your Engine From Knocking

Engine Knocking is a phenomenon known to mechanics also as terms like “knock”, “detonation”, “spark knock” or “pinging” and was discovered by Harry Ricardo in a series of experiments undertaken in 1916-1919 aimed at discovering the reason for aircraft engine failure. This phenomenon happens only in spark-ignited internal combustion engines, or better said… gas engines and most […]

How to keep track of Oil in your Engine

Your car is one of your most important assets. There is a lot of pressure on your vehicle to transport you everywhere you need to go, no matter what. One of the most important working elements of your car is often overlooked—the engine oil. Knowing what engine oil is, what it does for your car, […]

Is the use of Pure Water better over Radiator Coolant

A surprising number of people imagine that using pure water instead of a water/coolant mixture in a car radiator is fine if you live in a warm climate. After all, automotive coolant is generally known as “anti-freeze,” and what is the point of using antifreeze if your automobile will never be driven in conditions below 32 […]

Discover Brake Pad Maintenance Practices

The term “car maintenance” can be dissected a thousand different ways. Underneath this umbrella identifier, all sorts of different maintenance protocols exist. You’ve heard of engine maintenance – change your oil, check those fluids, keep an eye on that dashboard for weird-looking warning lights. Then there’s tire maintenance – regular rotations, proper inflation and more. […]

Your Life is dependent on your Brake pad when Driving

Why is it important to get my brakes inspected at the first sign of a symptom? When your car starts creating abnormal sounds, feelings or smells, start investigating the issue sooner rather than letting the condition worsen. Waiting will only lead to more expensive parts wearing out and requiring replacement. For example, rotors start to […]

This is How You Can Maintain Your Car Engine for Maximum Work Output

Car engines are the vital and central operating units of any vehicle but sadly, none of us spend much time looking after the engines. Engines need to be looked after regularly and analyzed frequently and given general maintenance to keep them running. To avoid any vulnerabilities and serious problems, it’s essential to regularly check your […]

7 ways to maintain your car’s engine oil

By checking and changing your car’s oil regularly, you can give your vehicle’s engine a longer, stronger life. Click here for some recommended Engine oils you can buy 1. Check engine oil at every other fill-up For an accurate reading of the engine’s oil level: Run or drive your car for about 15 minutes to […]

3 Amazing Tips to Prevent Road Accidents or Collisions

Most road collisions can be attributed to human errors. Driving carefully and obeying all traffic rules do not guarantee your total safety on the road. This is because road collisions can be caused by other drivers and you might have no control over this. There are some precautions which drivers and their employer can take […]