Does Fuel Injector Cleaner Work?

Does fuel injector cleaner work?  That is one of the most highly debate questions concerning modern car maintenance practices.  Some people say you should use fuel injector cleaner in every tank of gas you purchase.  Some say every other tank, some say every oil change, while some may argue once per year is enough.  There are also still a few that argue that it isn’t necessary at all.  Today many mechanics and small lube shops will often offer a “fuel system treatment” or “fuel injector flush” as one of their options any time you have your vehicle in the shop.  So who is right?


Today we hope to dispel any myths about fuel injector cleaner and help you understand why and when it’s a good idea to use it.  Our discussion today will cover fuel injector cleaner, fuel system cleaner and fuel system treatment as for the most part they’re all the same product with different names.

No matter what grade of gasoline you purchase or where you buy it from it is not going to be perfectly pure.  Some stations do indeed sell better fuel than others, so it is important to remember who you are buying from.  Even if you purchase the highest octane with all the detergents and fancy additives from the best station in town you are still getting a little more than you pay for.  These contaminates in fuel are why almost all vehicles on the road today are still equipped with fuel filters.  Over time these contaminates can build up in your fuel system causing problems.  Just like having hard water in your home, you might not notice the problem at first, but every so often you’ll have to clean the hard water deposits from around your sink and shower drains.  Based on the average mileage of most Nigerians per year, and the average fuel mileage of vehicles sold in Nigeria today, you will use over 570 gallons of fuel this year.  That much fuel can leave a surprising amount of contaminants in your fuel system.  Some of the contamination will accumulate in the bottom of your fuel tank, in the fuel lines, and around your fuel pressure regulator.  The real problem will come from the deposits forming on your fuel injectors.

Your fuel injectors are designed to deliver a high pressure mist of fuel into your intake air creating the explosive mixture it takes to power your vehicle.  As these deposits build up on your fuel injectors, they will start to malfunction.  Even if the injector isn’t completely clogged, any obstruction of fuel flow will change the characteristics of the fuel mist into your engine.  Fuel that is poorly mixed with the intake air due to a poorly flowing injector is more difficult to ignite and burns less efficiently than well mixed fuel.  This is the main problem caused by a dirty fuel injector.  This difficult to ignite fuel mixture is what causes the poor fuel mileage you are experiencing as well as harder starts, less power, higher harmful emissions and a poorly idling vehicle.

To return your fuel injectors to their maximum performance and restore your car to running like new, you need to dissolve these deposits that have built up on your fuel injector. Techron Fuel Injector Cleaner is specifically designed to dissolve the deposits that have formed on your injectors and in other areas of your fuel system to return your fuel system to peak efficiency. Techron Fuel Injector Cleaner is specifically designed to improve your fuel mileage, lower your emissions, and maximize your engine’s performance without damaging any sensors or other components.  Today’s fuels have come a long way in there purity and do come with some additives so we recommend using Techron Fuel Injector Cleaner every 1000 miles to make sure your fuel system stays clean and deposit free.


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