DuraMax Oil is an efficient motor oil, efficient for all your automobile equipment and machine.  A long lasting oil, DuraMax Oil will give you value for your money.  Trust DuraMax’s Efficiency.

Cost Effective

DuraMax Oil is a highly cost effective Oil for your motor vehicle. Your investment in the maintenance of your motor vehicle using DuraMax Oil is the wisest decision you would ever make when it comes making the choice of an Oil.


DuraMax Oil has the ability and strength to withstand engine pressure in order to give your motor vehicle an optimum performance. This is why we have repeat customers who use DuraMax Oil

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DuraMax Engine Oil

DuraMAX Antifreeze and Coolant

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DuraMax Engine Oil

DuraMax Global ATF

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14,000.00 11,220.00
17,500.00 14,030.00


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